Our Vision

Our Efforts

Free Belarus Coalition works with the U.S. Congress, State Department, USAID, think tanks and nonprofit organizations as well as media outlets to:

  • Provide insight and analysis in support of better-informed legislation and policy regarding Belarus.
  • Connect U.S. decision-makers with activists as well as political, business and thought leaders from Belarus.
  • Stimulate policy agenda and public consideration of issues related to human rights, as well as political and economic development in Belarus.
  • Facilitate the establishment of a community of experts with a strong understanding of issues faced by Belarus as well as knowledge of economic, political and legal frameworks in the transitional period to help restore democracy and the rule of law in Belarus.

Strategic vision

  • The challenges of modern Belarus, including current economic and political crises, are complex and systematic in nature, stemming from a corrupt and inefficient government, little market transparency, weak civil society, and the absence of the rule of law.
  • We believe that Belarus can become a secure and prosperous nation, driven by adherence to democratic principles, the rule of law, advanced market reforms and a strong civil engagement of Belarusians with all levels of their government.
  • We look forward to Belarus becoming fully integrated into the international community while participating in all bodies and initiatives promoting and sustaining regional and global security, stability and mutually beneficial economic integration.
  • The Belarusian-American community will be a vital partner for Belarus as we work together to advance pan-Belarusian interests globally.

In support of this vision, we engage Belarusian-Americans to:

  • Advocate for a deeper understanding of the real challenges in Belarus by the Belarusian-American community, U.S.-based public policymakers and the U.S. legislature.
  • Build a reliable forum for dialogue between the American and Belarusian societies.
  • Articulate and promote democratic political and economic reforms, as well as advance human rights objectives, in Belarus.